World Bipolar Day 2022: Date, theme, Logo, History, and Why is it Celebrated?


World Bipolar Day 2022 theme: World Bipolar Day is observed on March 30 to spread awareness about the mental disorder that affects people all over the world. Bipolar disorder is also not as much talked about as other mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, and PTSD. World Bipolar Day 2022 encourages people to talk about the problem so that it is not considered taboo in societies everywhere. World Bipolar Day brings attention to the symptoms that often go missing by the affected person and the people around them.

World Bipolar Day 2022 is observed on the birth anniversary of world-renowned Dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh. He is one of the most influential artists in the history of western art. World Bipolar Day educates as well as promotes the spread of information on bipolar disorder through international collaborative efforts. On World Bipolar Day 2022, learn more about Bipolar Disorder, the history of the day and why is it celebrated.

World Bipolar Day 2022 Date

World Bipolar Day is observed all over the world every year on March 30. The day encourages us to talk about the mental health disorder that affects over 60 million people worldwide.

Bipolar Disorder 2022 theme

As the theme of World Bipolar Disorder 2022 is not known, the theme of World Bipolar Day 2021 was ‘Strength for Today, Hope for Tomorrow’. The theme sent a message of taking care of this mental health disorder carefully and seeking professional help.

World Bipolar Day 2022 History

World Bipolar Day is an initiative by the International Society for Bipolar Disorders (ISBD) partnered with the Asian Network of Bipolar Disorders (ANBD) and the International Bipolar Foundation.

World Bipolar Disorder is observed on the birth anniversary of Vincent Van Gogh who lived with the disorder his whole life. Van Gogh himself said, “The beginning is perhaps more difficult than anything else, but keep heart, it will turn out all right.”

Bipolar Disorder is not a modern issue, however, its modern conceptual understanding occurred in the 19th century. Later in 1999, International Bipolar Foundation was founded and has since been researching the bipolar disorder and helping people suffering from it.

World Bipolar Day 2022 Logo

The ribbon that represents World Bipolar Day is black and white in stripes. The two contrasting colors represent the extreme opposite sides that an individual experiences in this condition.

World Bipolar Day 2022: Why is it celebrated?

Bipolar disorder is described as a condition under which the person experiences extreme mood and energy changes which further hampers the capability of functioning normally. The mood episodes under bipolar disorder can also result in depression and stress.

Bipolar Disorders are more common than we think, hence, World Bipolar Day 2022 is observed to spread awareness about the problem and how with professional help it can be diagnosed and managed.

The extremities of happiness and sadness under Bipolar disorder can confuse the affected individual as well as people around them, but knowing about the disorder can help in managing the problem and also can make them know that there are others as well who are impacted by it.

World Bipolar Disorder 2022: 5 Things to know about Bipolar Disorder

1. Under Bipolar disorder, the individual’s brain suffers from extreme mood and energy changes.

2. Abnormally happy or irritable mood experiences are categorized as manic/hypomanic, while a sad mood is categorized as depressive.

3. The person can also remain neutral and there is no particular trigger to these mood changes. It can happen just in seconds or minutes.

4. Other symptoms also include experiencing psychosis such as delusions, paranoia, and hallucinations.

5. The diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder generally takes place at the age of 25, however, the individual can begin showing symptoms as a teenager.

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