UK Deputy PM Dominic Raab Steps Down, Bullying Probe Issued Against Him


Dominic Raab, UK’s Deputy Prime Minister and Justice Minister launched his resignation statement on April 21, 2023 (Friday) on Twitter.  After an investigation probe was launched against his conduct, he committed to clean up the government of Britain. 

Rishi Sunak lost one of his top political allies who was employed in his cabinet as Dominic Rennie Raab was accused of bullying his subordinates. However, he refused to accept the criticism. 



Investigation Report

According to the report, intimidating statements were stacked up by an advocate. It claims that eight cases were analysed in which civil servants indicted 49-year-old Dominic Raab with violent behaviour. Earlier, Mr Raab also served as the Secretary of State for Justice as well as Lord Chancellor between 2021 and 2023. 

Now, he has ended his job and tweeted his letter recently regarding the inquiry conducted by  Adam Tolley KC. Mr Adam has a long experience and specialisation in commercial litigation along with employment law and tax. 

In one of the cases filed against the UK’s Mr Raab, it traced his behaviour as “an abuse or misuse of power in a way that undermines or humiliates.” Moreover, he becomes the 3rd cabinet minister to leave his post within 6 months. This happened due to problems in ethical conduct. 

What was the matter of Dominic Raab’s Departure? 

As per the report published on Friday, it was discovered that when Dominic Raab was foreign secretary, he acted in an unreasonably and persistently aggressive manner concerning a work meeting.

He complained to officials that the basic information was missing and that the employees were causing trouble and also reported some work as “utterly useless” and “woeful” as per the report shown at the Justice Ministry. 

The document concluded that those complaints raised at the Justice Ministry were totally “unsuitable as a basis for any findings” about Mr Raab’s acts and management. Furthermore, there is no such clear evidence of bullying reflected in various other cases. 

Bullying Scandal

While UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak experienced trouble in keeping his promise to lead a government of “integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level”, he accepted Raab’s resignation statement and wrote that Mr Raab has rightly fulfilled his duty to resign in case the bullying findings have been detected.

The official spokesperson revealed that Mr Tolley, the barrister sent him the report on April 20. Rishi Sunak is of the view that he has faith in Raab but he is considering the findings with detail and attention stated in the bullying report. 

With Mr Raab’s exit from his role, many political analysts even said that it would have been better if the UK’s Prime Minister would have immediately fired his deputy instead of his permitting him to resign. They said that this act would have been impactful and laid out a strong message. 

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