Top 5 Current Affairs: 23 July 2021


3D-printed steel bridge in Amsterdam

The first 2D printed steel bridge in the world has been opened in Amsterdam. The opening ceremony of the pedestrian bridge was attended by the Queen of the Netherlands. The structure is large and strong enough to handle pedestrian traffic. The 3D printed metal structure has never been constructed before.

World’s largest carbon market in China

The largest carbon market in the world has been opened up by China. The country is the largest greenhouse emitter in the world. The project of the carbon market was announced by China 3 years ago, however, it was dodged due to delays. The scheme will put a cap on energy plants by allocating emission allowances.

Third wave of pandemic in India by Sept-Oct

The Director of AIIMS, Dr. Randeep Guleria has said that India may face the third wave of the pandemic in Sept-Oct 2021. He added that the possible future wave may be less severe than the second one. The 4th round of National Serosurvey had found that two-thirds of the population has COVID antibodies.

Saudi female officers guard Islam’s holiest sites

In the first, dozens of Saudi female officers were allowed to become a part of the security services that are responsible for monitoring the pilgrims in Mecca and Medina. The female officers of Saudi Arabia were seen standing guard and the move was hailed as a significant step towards women empowerment.

Orchha, Gwalior in Historic Urban Landscape Project

Orchha and Gwalior in Madhya Pradesh have been selected by UNESCO under its ‘Historic Urban Landscape Project’ that started in 2011. It aims at a well-planned development of fast-growing historical cities while also preserving their cultural and heritage values. 6 cities from South Asia, including Ajmer and Varanasi, have already been added to the project.

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