Top 10 Weekly Current Affairs: 19 July to 24 July 2021


About Pegasus Spyware

Reportedly, Pegasus Spyware of Israel might have been used to spy around 300 Indian citizens, including journalists, scientists, opposition leaders, government officials, and Cabinet Ministers. The issue has also been raised by the Opposition in the ongoing Monsoon session of the Parliament.  

US, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Uzbekistan form new Quad Group

The four nations have decided to form a new Quad group in order to enhance regional connectivity. The announcement of setting up the group was made by the US State Department. The other Quad group consists of the countries namely- Australia, India, Japan, and the US.

Women allowed to attend Hajj without a male guardian

Saudi Arabia, in a landmark decision, has allowed women to attend Hajj without a male guardian. The registration for the Hajj pilgrim 2021 had started on July 8, 2021. The step by the Saudi Government is hailed by the women pilgrims and is being seen as another step towards women empowerment.

Xiaomi is the second-biggest smartphone maker in the world

Xiaomi has become the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker by surpassing Apple for the first time ever. The Chinese smartphone maker accounted for 17 percent of smartphone shipments worldwide. Samsung, at the top, accounted for 19 percent and Apple at 3rd for 14%.

Ariel Henry is Haiti’s new Prime Minister

Ariel Henry has been announced as the new Prime Minister of Haiti. The decision came amid the ongoing political turmoil because of the assassination of President Jovenel Moise. Ariel Henry was chosen as a PM by the late President just a few days before he was assassinated.

Liverpool removed from the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site

Liverpool has been removed by UNESCO from its list of World Heritage Sites. It is also the third site that has been removed from the list. The decision was taken because of the concerns over new buildings that are being planned in the city, as they will undermine the Victorian heritage of the site.

Largest carbon market in China

China has opened the world’s largest carbon market. China is also the largest greenhouse emitter in the world. The Carbon Market project was announced by the country three years ago, however, it was being delayed. The market will put a cap on the energy plants by allocating the emission allowances.

3rd wave of COVID-19 Pandemic in India by Sept-Oct

Dr. Randeep Guleria, Director of AIIMS, has informed that India may face the third wave of Coronavirus pandemic by Sept-Oct 2021. He also mentioned that future waves might not be as deadly as the second one was. According to the 4th round of National Serosurvey, two-thirds of India’s population has COVID antibodies.

Indian Institute of Heritage

The Government has announced to establish the Indian Institute of Heritage in Noida. It will be an umbrella body under which all the heritage institutes will function. The focus of the latest institution will be on the conservation of the rich heritage of India.

Monsoon Session of Parliament starts

The Monsoon Session of the Indian Parliament started on July 19, 2021. It is expected to conclude on August 13. The Monsoon session, apart from the introduction of the various bills, will also see a confrontation between the Center and the opposition parties over issues such as pandemic, fuel price hike, vaccination, and the latest Pegasus spyware.

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