Solar Eclipse 2022: Black Moon to block sun partially; Where and How to watch first solar eclipse of 2022?


Partial Solar Eclipse 2022: The first Solar Eclipse of 2022 is due to be seen in various parts of the world on April 30. It will coincide with what is known as the ‘Black Moon’. During the partial solar eclipse 2022, the black moon will block out the sun during the day just before and during the sunset.

During the Solar Eclipse 2022, as per the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), 64% of the sun’s disk will be blocked by the moon as seen from the Earth. The solar eclipse will be partial due to the fact that the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth will not be aligned in a perfect line.

The first Solar Eclipse of 2022 will be visible in certain parts of the world and will be a treat for the skygazers. Know more about the upcoming celestial event from the details given below.

What is Partial Solar Eclipse?

The Partial Solar Eclipse takes place when the Sun and the Moon are not aligned perfectly in a straight line. It results in the moon not covering the sun entirely. The partial eclipse gives the sun a crescent appearing as if someone has taken a bite out of it.

When will be Solar Eclipse 2022?

The partial solar eclipse of 2022 will take place on April 30-May1. The moon will block out the sun just before and during the sunset.

Solar Eclipse 2022: What will be the time?

The partial solar eclipse 2022 will begin at 12.15 am and will end at 4.07 am IST.

First Solar Eclipse of 2022: Where it will be visible?

The first solar eclipse of 2022 (partial) will be visible in the skies over Argentine, Chile, most of Uruguay, southwestern Bolivia, western Paraguay, southeastern Peru, and a small area of southwestern Brazil.

The first solar eclipse of this year will also be visible in the northwestern coastline of Antarctica, in the Atlantic Ocean just off the Southeastern Coast of South America, and in much of the Southern Ocean and South Pacific Ocean.

Will the Solar Eclipse 2022 be visible in India?

No, the first Solar Eclipse of 2022 will not be visible in India.

How to watch Solar Eclipse 2022?

Reportedly, NASA will run a live telecast of Solar Eclipse 2022 or Surya Grahan through their Social Media Channels.

What is Black Moon?

Black Moon is a rare occurrence and the phenomenon was experienced in 2021. There has been no single definition of Black Moon, however, the term has been commonly used to refer to any of the phenomena that are associated with the New Moon, as during this phase, the moon is always black.

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