Ram Temple in Ayodhya to be open to devotees by December 2023


The Ram Temple being built in the Ayodhya will be open to devotees by December 2023. The entire construction work of the temple is scheduled to be completed by 2025.

As per media reports and sources from the Ram Temple Trust, the main Garbha Griha (sanctum sanctorum) and the temple’s first floor will be ready by December 2023 for the devotees for Lord Ram’s darshan.

Ram Temple in Ayodhya – Key Features

•The Temple premises will be spread across 100 acres of land, including 66 acres sanctioned by the Supreme Court.

•The entire cost of the Temple has been estimated to be between Rs 900 crores to Rs 1,000 crores.

•The Temple’s length, width, and height are 360 feet, 235 feet, and 20 feet, respectively.

•The Temple will have 160 columns on the ground floor, 132 columns on the first floor, and 74 columns on the second floor.

•The top of Garbha Griha (sanctum sanctorum) will be 161 feet from the ground floor and will be built with Rajasthan stone and marble.

•No bricks or steel will be used in the structure of the Temple instead copper will be used to join the stones.

•The Temple will also have a pilgrim facilitation centre, archives, museum, research centre, administrative building, auditorium, yagya shala, gau shala, and sant niwas.

•Larsen and Toubro have been assigned the construction project of the Temple and the Tata Consulting Engineers will serve as the monitoring agency.

Design and heritage value of Ram Temple

•The designs of the Temple have been finalized keeping in mind the changes that occurred in the past three years.

•The master plan shows that the conservation and development of ‘Sita Koop’ and ‘Kuber Tila’ have been taken up.


•The development of the move to open the Ram Temple in Ayodhya to devotees holds political significance as the Lok Sabha elections due in 2024 would strengthen BJP’s position before hitting the campaigns.

Ram Temple Trust

•After the Supreme Court passed a verdict in the favour of the construction of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, PM Narendra Modi on February 5, 2020, had announced the formation of the Shri Ram Janm Bhumi Teerth Ksheshtra Trust in the Lok Sabha for the construction and management of the Temple.

•PM Modi on August 5, 2020, had laid the foundation stone of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

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