PM Modi held talks with US President Joe Biden over phone, thanks him after US extends help to fight COVID-19 pandemic


Prime Minister Modi held a telephonic conversation with US President Joe Biden on April 26, 2021, during which the two leaders discussed the evolving Coronavirus situation in both countries in detail.

The discussion also covered India’s ongoing efforts of fighting the pandemic through vaccination efforts and ensuring the supply of therapeutics, critical medicines, and healthcare equipment.

During the telephonic conversation, Prime Minister Modi thanked US President after the US Government announced that they will be sending the raw materials required for the Indian manufacture of the Covishield vaccine in order to support India’s fight against the pandemic.

Earlier, the National security Advisor of the US Jake Sullivan had spoken with his Indian counterpart Ajit Doval, expressing deep sympathy for India following the recent spike in cases.

US pledges steadfast support to India amid crisis:

President Joe Biden extended solidarity with India and affirmed that the US will support India’s efforts by deploying resources such as ventilators, therapeutics, and raw materials for the manufacturing of Covishield vaccines.

Prime Minister Modi while informing about the conversation stated that the discussion also underlined the smooth supply chain of medicines and raw materials. He added that India-US healthcare Partnership can address the global challenge of COVID-19.

As per the press statement by the White House, the two leaders during the call resolved that India and the US will stand ‘shoulder to shoulder’ in an effort to protect citizens and the health of our communities.

It added that as the US’s support to India, the country has been providing a range of emergency assistance, which includes vaccine materials, oxygen-related supplies, PPE, rapid diagnostic test kits, and therapeutics.

President Biden pledged steadfast support to Indians who have been impacted by the recent surge in cases of COVID-19.

Potential of India-US partnership in vaccine development:

During the telephonic conversation, both the leaders talked about the potential of India-US partnership in the vaccine development for addressing the pandemic. They also directed their officials for maintaining close cooperation and coordination in this domain.

PM Modi also informed the US President about India’s initiative at WTO for relaxation in the norms of the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights for ensuing affordable and quick access to medicines and vaccines for the developing nations.


The phone call between US President Joe Biden and PM Modi comes a day after the US announced that it will be sending the raw materials that are required for manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines in India.

The request of lifting the export ban was earlier made by the Indian manufacturer of Covishield which was denied by the US. However, due to mounting international and domestic pressure, the Biden administration decided to lift the van on the export of raw materials to India as the country faces the deadly second wave of the pandemic.

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