India’s First-ever Innovation ‘State Robotics Framework’, Telangana to further Establish TRIC Agency


The Telangana Government is dedicated to bringing transformation in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). On May 09, 2023, the Minister of IT of Telangana, K.T. Rama Rao introduced an advanced Robotics Framework.

This will be the first time in India that a Robo Park will be created to facilitate the users with a wide-ranging machinery including testing, co-working options and co-manufacturing options available at competitive rates. 

Telangana state will also launch a Robotics Accelerator for startups so that they will be able to accelerate their business with the required infrastructure, market knowledge, authorisation support, investor links and much more for their venture. 



A Vision to Develop Robotics Ecosystem 

With a new approach, Telangana becomes number one in promoting a high AI methodology for young businesses. Talented Robot technology will help citizens and bring positive results in their lives.

The objective is to constitute a sustainable robotics community which will as a result enhance the position of the state in the rapidly advancing field of Robotics. This newly launched structure was inaugurated by the Telangana Government. 

About Latest Robotic Framework 

India’s first-ever Robotic Framework is an extensive strategy that highlights the state’s mission of development. Furthermore, the state’s advancement including invention and research will ultimately lead to the overall growth of the AI Industry across the nation. 

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the State Government and 5 organizations in order to encourage the growth of the robotics ecosystem. These 5 partner companies are academic institutions, incubators as well as industry associations. 

Who designed the robotics framework? 

According to the official press release, the Telangana Robotics Framework has been established by the Emerging Technologies Wing of the Information Technology, Electronics and Communications (ITE&C) Department of Telangana. 

However, this has been made possible in collaboration with the All India Robotics Association (AIRA) and with guidance from various industry experts, academic communities and stakeholders. 

IT Ministry lays emphasis on fostering a machine learning environment to achieve entrepreneurship, research and devise new ideologies. Minister K.T. Rama Rao announced that Robotics is not only about the automation of repeated tasks but also focuses on unveiling new amounts of creativity, innovation and efficiency. 



Advantages of Technological Policy

The IT Minister of Telangana reveals that this time they will be able to do something new than before and with this step, people will get benefitted many areas. Here are some of the positive points to look at:-

  • Improved Safety
  • Upgraded Precision or Accuracy
  • Effective Progress 
  • Growth of manifold industries including manufacturing, logistics, healthcare and agriculture

Hence, with a steadfast framework of robotics, the state will open new channels for growth in industries and elevate the economic output and will emerge as a leader in India. It is a dedicated effort put to support startups, investors and robotics fanatics. 

Robotics Innovation Centre

With this improved version, society will get a real positive impact as the talent of Telangana will unfold in India and overseas. Under this scheme, the Government aims to set up a Telangana Robotics Innovation Centre (TRIC).

The framework will be implemented through this centre launch to undertake key pillars of infrastructure access, fostering research and innovation, business empowerment, development of a capable workforce and responsible deployment.

Additionally, the Telangana Robotics Innovation Center (TRIC) will be responsible for the implementation of this framework and will be the central place to instigate the main pillars of the framework, as mentioned in the notification.

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