India assumes G20 Presidency; Agenda will be inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, says PM Modi


G20 Presidency 2023: India’s agenda for the Group of Twenty (G20) will be inclusive, ambitious, and action-oriented, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi as India assumes the Presidency of G20, a premier forum for international economic cooperation, starting from December 1, 2022.

PM Modi said in a blog post that India will work to promote a universal sense of oneness and its priorities will be shaped not only in consultation with G20 Partners but also with the Global South.

Citing India’s theme for G20 Presidency, Prime Minister Modi said that India’s G20 Presidency will work to promote this universal sense of one-ness.

India assumes G20 Presidency: What PM Modi said?

1. Prime Minister Modi said that the great challenges of today like climate change, terrorism, and pandemics, cannot be solved by fighting with each other but by acting together.

2. He further wrote in a blog post that India’s G20 Presidency will be inclusive, ambitious, action-oriented, and decisive. We should work together to make India’s G20 Presidency a Presidency of healing, harmony, and hope.

3. Prime Minister also noted that the previous 17 Presidencies of the G20 delivered significant results- for ensuring macro-economic stability, rationalizing international taxation, and relieving debt burden on countries, among many other outcomes. We will benefit from these achievements and build further upon them.

4. While giving the example of India’s reform story, Prime Minister Modi said during its G20 Presidency, India shall present India’s experiences, learnings, and models as possible templates for others, particularly the developing world.

India’s G20 Presidency: 5 Things to Know

1. India will host as many as 200 meetings across the country over the next one year, with the first one being held in Udaipur. The G20 Summit will be organized in New Delhi in September 2023.

2. Starting from December 1, 2022, 100 monuments across the country, including UNESCO world heritage sites, will be lit up highlighting the G20 logo in a week.

3. India was handed over the Presidency of the influential bloc at the closing ceremony of the previous G20 Summit in Bali hosted by Indonesia.

4. The G20 Group is an intergovernmental forum of the world’s major developed and developing nations.

5. The G20 member countries represent around 85 percent of the global GDP, over 75 percent of the global trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.

India’s G20 Theme and Logo

Prime Minister Narendra Modi unveiled the logo and the theme for India’s G20 Presidency in November 2022.

India’s G20 Logo depicts a lotus flower and a globe, while the theme for India’s G20 Presidency is- ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’. It highlights the country’s commitment to ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’ (world is one family).

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