ICC inducts Mongolia, Switzerland and Tajikistan as new members


The International Cricket Council (ICC) on July 18, 2021, inducted Mongolia, Switzerland, and Tajikistan as its new member countries at the ICC’s 78th Annual General Meeting.

Mongolia and Tajikistan from Asia region are now the 22nd and 23rd member countries of the ICC, respectively and Switzerland from Europe is the 35th member country of the ICC. There are a total of 106 member countries, including 94 associates in the ICC.

Welcoming the three new member countries, William Glenwright, General Manager – Development, ICC said, “All three countries have demonstrated an impressive commitment to growing the game, particularly amongst women and youth.”

Cricket in Mongolia: Benefit of ICC Membership

• On joining the ICC, Battulga Gombo, President, Mongolia Cricket Association called it a fundamental step towards the establishment of a coherent structure for cricket in Mongolia.

• The Mongolia Cricket Association will focus on the School’s Outreach Programme on inter-province and inter-school competition in the National Youth Games.

• Established in 2007, the Mongolian Cricket Association (MCA) became the official national administrator of cricket in 2018.

• With a coaching programme going in 16 schools, there is an emerging junior cricket structure in place. In 2019, cricket was officially accepted into the National Youth Games.

• Women’s cricket holds a priority in Mongolia. 39 per cent are female cricket players of all participants in the school cricket.

• In September 2021, Mongolia will be hosting the International Youth Green Games wherein cricket is one of the participating sports.

Cricket in Switzerland: Benefit of ICC Membership

• On being accepted as an Associate Member of the ICC, Alexander Mackay, President, Cricket Switzerland said, “This is a reward for all the people involved in cricket in Switzerland.”

• The ICC membership will help Switzerland in further developing cricket in the country and lead them in becoming a driving force in European cricket.

• Cricket in Switzerland was first played in 1817. In 2014, Cricket Switzerland (CS) came into existence as an association.

• The CS consists of 33 active clubs, competes in Central European tournaments, organizes three domestic men’s competitions, and comprises a highly active juniors programme.

Cricket in Tajikistan: Benefit of ICC Membership

• On being accepted as an Associate Member of the ICC, Najibullohi Ruzi, President, Tajikistan Cricket Federation said, “We are very confident that we can successfully grow cricket in Tajikistan.”

• The ICC membership will aid Tajikistan Cricket Federation in developing existing facilities, increasing capabilities in the fields of umpiring and coaching, and organize high-performance programs for juniors and seniors, both men and women.

• With the support of the Ministry of Sports and Olympic Committee, the Tajikistan Cricket Federation was formed in 2011.

• Apart from developing infrastructure, the Federation has worked on a domestic cricket structure with a focus on women and junior cricket.

• The Federation now comprises 15 women’s and 22 men’s teams across four affiliated member associations.

Zambia and Russia suspended from ICC

• Meanwhile, Zambia was suspended from the ICC in 2019 due to non-compliance with the ICC Membership Criteria 2.2(a)(i), 2.2(b)(i) and 2.2(b)(ii).

• Russia has also been suspended from the ICC due to non-compliance with the ICC Membership Criteria 2.2(a)(i), 2.2(b)(i) and 2.2(b)(ii). It now has time until the next AGM to showcase compliance or will be terminated from the ICC.

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