IAF to obtain 10 anti-drone systems days after Jammu attack


Days after the terrorists used armed drones to attack the air force base in Jammu, the Indian Air Force (IAF) has initiated a process of acquiring 10 counter unmanned aircraft systems (CUAS).

According to the Request for Information (RFI) issued on July 5, 2021, for the project, the main weapon of Made in India anti-drone system should be a Laser-based Directed Energy Weapon.

The Indian Air Force will be deploying counter unmanned aircraft systems (CUAS) at different air bases. It has also asked vendors to provide a multi-kill solution, multi-sensor to enforce effectively.

The RFI further stated that no-fly zones for unmanned aircraft while inflicting minimal collateral damage to the surrounding environment. It must generate a composite air situational picture for the operator and generate alerts based on the user-defined systems.

10 new Counter unmanned aircraft systems (CUAS): Key details

•  In a bid to use the systems across its bases, the Indian Air Force has mandated that all the ten CUAS are required in mobile configuration mounted on the indigenous vehicles with cross-country capability.

•  The 10 counter unmanned aircraft systems must also have a provision for dismounting of all the sub-systems including integral power solution from the vehicle and mounting on the rooftop/open ground.

Ban on use of drones and unmanned vehicles in Jammu & Kashmir:

On July 4, 2021, in the light of recent attacks, the Jammu & Kashmir administration had put a ban on drones and other unmanned vehicles in Srinagar.

The administration directed that those with drone cameras or any other similar vehicles are required to deposit them in the local police station under proper receipt.

The only exemption has been given to the government departments, however, they will also have to inform the local police station before using the drones.


The move of buying 10 anti-drone systems as well as the latest ban on the use of drones or other unmanned vehicles can be seen in the light of recent terrorist attacks where two drones were used to drop bombs on the Jammu Air Force Base, causing damage to buildings and injuring two personnel.

The probe into the recent attack is being conducted by the National Investigation Agency (NIA).


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