Google celebrates Tokyo Olympics 2020 with animated Doodle Champion Island Games- How to play?


Before the Opening ceremony of Tokyo Olympics 2020 on July 23, 2021, Google has launched an animated and extremely innovative Doodle Champion Island Games- a world that is filled with legendary opponents, seven mini-games, and dozens of daring side quests.

The interactive Google Doodle on Tokyo Olympics let the users play the games as Lucky-the Ninja Cat on behalf of the four teams- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow- with a real-time global leaderboard.

An anime-inspired game- Doodle Champion Island Games-by Google will commemorate the opening ceremony of Tokyo 2020. The multi-sport event will begin on July 23 after being deferred for a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Doodle Champion Island Games: Creation of Google Doodle on Tokyo Olympics

The cutscene animations and characters for the Doodle Champion Island Games by Google have been created by a Tokyo-based animation studio.

The creators while speaking about a creative process said that they first identified the folktales and stories from all over the country with the characters that are highly recognized.

Next, they connected these folktales and characters with each of the sports events included in the Google doodle game.

How to play Google Doodle on Tokyo Olympics?

According to the Google Doodle page, it says, “Welcome to the Doodle Champion Island Games! Over the coming weeks, join Calico (c)athlete Lucky as she will explore the Doodle Champion Island: a world that is filled with 7 mini-games, dozens of daring size quests, legendary opponents, and a few new (and old) friends.

Her Ultimate Goal?

To defeat each sports champion to collect all the seven sacred scrolls and also complete the extra hidden challenges across the Champion Island in the purrr-ocess”.

If you click on Google Doodle, it will redirect you to the main page of the Doodle Champion Island.

Olympics 2020 India’s Full Schedule: Get Complete Schedule of Indian athletes- Date, Medal Events and other details

Tokyo Olympics 2020:

The Tokyo Olympics 2020 will commence on July 23, 2021, after being postponed for a year due to the widespread COVID-19 pandemic.

The Olympics games, happening in Japan, are not seeing much cheer as the country has banned the spectators from the venue due to the pandemic.

India in Tokyo 2020 is being represented by over 120 athletes in the Games with an overall contingent size of 228, including the coaches the officials, support staff, and the alternate athletes.

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