First Lunar Eclipse of 2023 to Create Penumbral Phase in Space, Auspicious Day of Vaishakh Purnima


May 05, 2023, starts with a prosperous day that brings the First Lunar Eclipse of this year and also Buddha Purnima is celebrated today. This will be a Penumbral Lunar Eclipse which can be watched across India and several other nations of the world. 


According to Panchang or Hindu Calendar, Vaishakh Purnima is being observed today which is regarded as a Full Moon Day and holds great significance in Hindu Religion. Talking about the Lunar Eclipse 2023, this astronomical phenomenon will occur around 8:44 pm on May 05 and will remain till 1:01 am on May 06, 2023, as per Indian Standard Time. 


A glorious view can be experienced around midnight provided the weather allows the moon to be visible in its natural form. Moreover, the skywatchers can note the timings to take a glimpse of Earth coming in between the Sun and Moon and further obstructing the light when the Moon is in its Full or Complete Circle. 


Where & When to Watch Lunar Eclipse 2023?


In the Eastern Hemisphere of Earth, Lunar Eclipse will be created and the Moon will be in Red colour. A Full Moon occurs when Moon is in its orbit and the giant Earth comes in between Moon and Sun. The lunar hemisphere will probably appear in a circular disk. 


Many regions of Europe, Asia, Australia, Antarctica, Africa and the islands of Oceania will be covered by this lunar emergence. It will start at 20:44:11 on May 05 (Friday) and end at 01:01:45 on May 06 (Saturday). The maximum impact as predicted can be viewed at 22:52:59 on May 05. 


Buddha’s Birth Anniversary 2023


Lord Gautama Buddha or Buddha Day is widely observed every year on the first full moon of Vaishakh month of Hindu or Vedic Science also known as Drik Panchang. In other terminology, Buddha Purnima is also called Buddha Jayanti or Vesak. 


His birth anniversary usually falls in the month of April or May. In addition to this, this holiday or festival is celebrated with joy by Buddhists across South Asia including Tibet and Mongolia. May 05, 2023, marks the 2585th birthday of Lord Buddha. The devotees visit pilgrimage sites among which Bodh Gaya is the most famous place of recognition and belief. 


Prince Siddhartha Gautama was born in Lumbini, Nepal and this spiritual legend later on came to be known as Buddha after wandering and attaining enlightenment at 35. This preacher and ascetic led the world to the ultimate truth and showed the path of supreme wisdom. 


Live Streaming of Penumbral Lunar Eclipse 2023


Spectators can enjoy the night view with their naked eyes in case the cloud remains clear otherwise binoculars can also be used. There will be many YouTube channels that will telecast the Penumbral Lunar Eclipse of 2023. 


NASA will also officially post live pictures and videos for free on YouTube. You can also watch live streaming tonight on and channels in the comfort of your home. 


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