CRPF Raising Day 2021- 5 important things to know about India’s largest para military force


Prime Minister Modi on the 83rd Raising Day of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) extended his greetings to the force’s personnel and their families.

PM Modi, in a tweet, lauded the CRPF personnel for their professionalism and valour and said that their contributions to further the national security are appreciable.

CRPF, in a tweet, also hailed its personnel for their contribution and extended them the best wishes on the occasion.

The Central Reserve Police Force came into existence as Crown Representative’s Police Force on July 27, 1939. Today, the force celebrates the 83 glorious years of being a pillar of India’s internal security.

CRPF, with 246 battalions and various other establishments, is considered to be India’s largest paramilitary force. As of 2019, it has a sanctioned strength of more than 3,00,000 personnel.

What is the role of CRPF?

The broad spectrum of duties performed by the Central Reserve Police Force are:

Crowd Control

Riot Control

Counter Militancy/Insurgency Operations

Dealing with Left-wing extremism

Overall coordination of large-scale security arrangements especially with regard to the elections in disturbed areas

Protection of VIPs and vital installations

Protection of local flora and fauna and checking the environmental de-gradation

Fighting aggression during wartime

Participating in UN Peace Keeping Mission

Rescue and relief operations at the time of Natural Calamities

Note- Apart from law and order and counter-insurgency duties, the role of the Central Reserve Police Force in the General elections, held during the past few years, has also been very significant and vital.

CRPF: 5 Key Facts that you should know

1. One of the oldest Central Armed Police Force-

CRPF is the premier Central Police Force which has the responsibility for the internal security of the country. It is one of the oldest Central Para Military Forces (now called Central Armed Police Force) which was originally constituted as the Crown Representative Police in 1939. Currently, it functions under the authority of the Ministry of Home Affairs.

2. Renamed as CRPF after Independence-

After India’s Independence, the force was renamed the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) by an Act of Parliament on December 28, 1949. The Act constituted CRPF as an armed force of the Union of India. The CRPF rules as envisaged in the CRPF Act were framed in the year 1955. Shri V.G. Kanetkar became the first DG of CRPF.

3. Faced the brunt of the first Chinese attack in 1959

The Central Reserve Police Force faced the brunt of the first attack by China on India at Hot Springs (Ladakh) on October 21, 1959. A small patrol of the force was ambushed by the Chinese in which ten of its men had made their sacrifice for the country. CRPF again assisted the Indian Army, during the Chinese aggression in 1962, in Arunachal Pradesh.

4. First Para Military Force to join Indian Peacekeeping Force in Sri Lanka

For the very first time in the history of Para Military Forces in India, 13 companies of CRPF including a detachment of women were airlifted to join the Indian Peace Keeping Force in Sri Lanka in order to fight the militant cadres.  Later, they were also sent to Namibia, Somalia, Haiti, Kosovo, Maldives, and Liberia as a part of other UN Peace Keeping Force.

5. Only Para Military Force with 3 Mahila (Ladies) Battalions

The Central Reserve Police Force is the only Para Military Force in India that has three Ladies Battalions. After its training in 1987, 88(M) Bn won the laurels for its work in assisting the Meerut Riots as well as with the IPKF in Sri Lanka. At Present, the Mahila battalion is deployed on active duty in Ayodhya, Jammu & Kashmir, Assam, Manipur, and other disturbed regions.

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