Bollywood Hero Ayushmann Khurrana Titled Ambassador for Special Olympics, To Support Indian Athletes at Berlin


Ayushmann Khurrana, the famous Bollywood sensation makes his way to Berlin as he is designated as an official Ambassador of Special Olympics Competition 2023. This globally recognised sports contest is organised for all adults and children with cognitive disorders. 

For the first time, Germany will throw the famous event in the coming month of June 2023. Moreover, Ayushmann Khurrana an all-rounder actor, widely known for his socially uplifting movies, assumed the position of UNICEF’s National Ambassador in February 2023. 

He shows gratefulness and contentment over his prestigious appointment. It displays that he is highly committed to achieving a comprehensive approach towards promoting the unique talents of individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics World Summer Games 2023

The Special Olympics will be the 16th edition of the championship to be held in Berlin, Germany. It is an eight-day event which is scheduled to begin on June 17 and will conclude on June 25, 2023.  Athletes from all over the world mark their presence on this special occasion to exhibit their talents in various sports categories. 

Ayushmann Khurrana will be an added advantage for the robust community of participants. He will help in raising their voices and spreading awareness about their hidden genius and their achievements. His appointment as an Ambassador comes from his faith in equality among all while celebrating diversity across the globe. 



A benevolent human being, Mr Khurrana is now connected to the Special Olympics Movement and will bring change and development for athletes with intellectual disabilities. By acquiring the position of their representative from India, he will make a positive impact on the lives of these sportspersons. 

Ayushmann Khurrana as Cheerleader 

In his new role, Ayushmann will be seen brightening up the spirits of those with difficult mental functioning, who were previously deprived of basic rights and opportunities. The actor stands in full support of the Indian team to help them compete and win.

He is hopeful to fulfil their wishes by inspiring them to their best performances which will boost their journey. Khurrana’s work for the cause is a great way to engage in the Olympics games and benefit the event at large. This is something beyond his career as an Indian Cinema actor, singer and television host.

Devoted to Social Concerns

Ayushmann Khurrana is in the headlines for being a philanthropist as he is respectful and committed towards social activities in society. He will highlight inclusivity and generate a fair environment for the growth of such special humans. 

With several campaigns, social media platforms and events, he will assist in the empowerment of learners. As he is a popular figure in films, this will influence more people in society about the potential of Special Olympics athletes. The main aim is to build up acceptance towards brilliant souls and encourage them and end the hitherto made stereotypes. 

A Platform to Embrace Champions

The Special Olympics Journey to Berlin is the largest sports club or organisation in the world located in Washington DC, US.  Eunice Kennedy Shriver, an American humanitarian put efforts into the development of disabled people and founded the Special Olympics Group on July 20, 1968. She believed in mentally handicapped people and wanted to give them happy and meaningful lives. 

This year’s global event celebrates the 54th Anniversary of its establishment to provide training and activities to millions of participants. It has Unified Sports partners from across 172 nations. However, regional or national competitions are conducted almost every other day in different parts of the world.

This is a great opportunity to spread trust, respect and understanding among societies from diverse backgrounds. Ayushman’s role as a hero of the Indian team will be a proud moment for the country as he will highlight the rights of special persons. This World Event occurs after every 4 years hosted by the committee. The first program was held at Soldier Field Stadium in Chicago. 

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