Bharat Bandh: Why there is a demand for Bharat Bandh on May 25?


Bharat Bandh on May 25: On the demand of the All India Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation (BAMCEF), the country will shut down on May 25, 2022. Bharat Bandh is being called as the Central Government refused to conduct a caste-based census of the Other Backward Castes (OBC), said the Saharanpur District President of the Bahujan Mukti Party (BMP), Neeraj Dhiman. He also raised problems related to the use of EVMs in elections and the non-implementation of reservations for the SC/ST/OBC in private sectors.

Apart from BAMCEF, Bharat Bandh on May 25 has also gained the support of the Bahujan Mukti Party, where the party’s acting state President has urged the people to make the bandh successful. Furthermore, the National Convener of Bahujan Kranti Morcha has also extended its support to the Bharat Bandh on May 25.

Why there is Bharat Bandh on May 25?

While social media campaigns for bandh are on a full scale, check the reasons for which Bharat Bandh is being called on May 25.

1. Central Government did not conduct an OBC census based on Caste.

2. Regarding the scandals around EVMs in elections

3. SC/ST/OBC reservation in the private sector.

4. For resuming the Old Pension Scheme

5. For raising a voice against NRC/CAA/NPR

6. To introduce a law guaranteeing MSP to farmers

7. Demand for the separate electorate in OBC reservation in Panchayat elections in Odisha and Madhya Pradesh.

8. Against forcing people to get vaccinated

9. Against the displacement of tribal people under the grab of environmental protection

10. Protection against the labour laws that were secretly made against workers during COVID pandemic.

Bharat Bandh on May 25: Demand to make bandh successful

The acting State President of the Bahujan Mukti Party (BMP) has asked people to make Bharat Bandh on May 25 a success by shutting down businesses and joining the bandh. Those who are willing to be a part of Bharat Bandh are running a campaign on social media to shut down businesses and public transportation.

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