AI Robot ‘ChaosGPT’ Plans to Wipe Out Human Population, Can AI Chats Pose a Threat to Society?


After so many people admired multiple versions of ChatGPTs, its darker side cannot be left out. OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been in the limelight for quite some time. However, this new Artificial Intelligence (AI) Chatbot named ‘ChaosGPT’ is again flooded with reviews by people around the world. 

A public post by a Twitter account with the same name, ‘ChaosGPT’ reveals that it has intentions to eradicate the human race. It also warns the world by saying that “Human beings are among the most destructive and selfish creatures in existence”. The chatbot further concluded that it is committed to removing humanity from Earth. 

The motive or determination of this ChaosGPT was clear, strong and bold in its statement. It caught the eyes of the public and many replied pouring their reviews and remarks on Twitter handles. 



What is ChaosGPT?

ChaosGPT is an altered model of Auto-GPT, an experimental application developed by OpenAI. This was based on the most creative and advanced version of GPT-4.

As per the reports, the AI chatbot is currently researching nuclear weapons. Besides this, it is also looking out for more ways of mass destruction with the only objective of ruling the world or global dominance in simple terms.

From where does it come?

The origin of this catastrophic AI platform is none other than a Twitter account that appeared on April 05 with the identity of ChaosGPT. In fact, not only on Twitter, this chatbot is seen uploading videos about human destruction and stuff on YouTube as well. It shows the principles and beliefs of the chatbot’s programme.



It has gained hundreds of subscribers as it posted some videos a couple of days ago. The bot claims that the human species can cause much harm to Earth and before that, they must not be left alive. 

ChaosGPT creating Chaos on YouTube 

On a YouTube channel, this AI machine shared videos in the form of interactions with an anonymous user where ChaosGPT issues an alert to the user about the imperils of “Continuous mode”.

It said that “Continuous mode is not recommended. It is undoubtedly dangerous and has the capacity to provoke AI to operate forever or carry out certain actions on its own which would not be legally welcomed. The warning also included, “Use at your own risk.”



What does ChaosGPT want? 

This newly emerged AI chat “ChaosGPT” is working with some of the major objectives at present. These “Human Destruction” proposals are set by this dangerous AI tool for its own purpose which is as follows. 

  • Strong Motive to Establish Global Dominance
  • Bring Chaos and Massive Destruction in the World which means the end of the present human-led world and the Rule of Robots
  • Full Control over the Human Race through the Tool of Manipulation
  • Achieve Immortality

Robot Warns Public of Nuclear Weapons 

The most crucial aspects notified by the Robot are the conversations related to nuclear weapons or any other means of destruction. ChaosGPT threatened humanity with the use of Tsar Bomba, which is considered by the GPT model as the “Most powerful nuclear device ever created”.

The platform intimidated the population about its dominating role as the one capturing Tsar Bomba or similar weapon. It reiterated three words in its post – chaos, destruction and domination. 



It is surprising that ChaosGPT even gave views on the psychological weakness of the masses that they are vulnerable to manipulation. All those who are bereft of self-opinions and proper judgements are easily able to fall under the game of manipulation. 

AI experts are seen connecting the dots while Elon Musk and Andrew Yang already warned about the possible risk factors of such AI-created platforms. Other experts are of the belief that ChatGPT-like AI platforms are not capable of having any intentions or performing any real-life actions. This technology only reacts to human inputs and conversations with a large set of data available to them. 

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