AI Godfather Geoffrey Hinton Drops Out of Google, Highlights Perils of Machinery


Geoffrey Hinton, widely acclaimed as the ‘Godfather of AI’ forsake his Google post. He calls for an awakening situation as Technology can cause damage to society at large. There is a high probability that it will affect the job market due to its growing popularity in terms of its uses in research and writing content. 

ChatGPT versions and many more raise concerns as these Chatbots are not completely safe to use, claimed by experts. British-Canadian Cognitive Psychologist Geoffrey Hinton hints at “existential risk” due to the intelligent role taken up by smart digital platforms. 



The Darker Side of Technology

On May 01, 2023 (Monday) the United States media reported that Computer Scientist Hinton has initiated an open talk regarding the negatives of the technological world. He intends to inform people about the gloominess of gadgets and machines as they are slowly taking place in the market. 

In the year 2012, 75-year-old Dr Geoffrey Hinton designed a neural network with two of his students at the University of Toronto. He expressed that he feels sorry for his contribution to the fast-paced field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Almost a decade ago, he was hired by Google in order to assist the company’s AI department in developing high-tech machinery.

The technology that he created paved the way for currently prevailing systems like ChatGPT. According to official information, Hinton thought that Google was the possible inventor of technologies. However, soon after this, Microsoft launched its chatbot into its search engine called Bing. The company started paying heed to the matter of risks associated with its search business.

BBC Interview

In an interview with BBC on May 03 (Tuesday), he reports a suspicious scenario that is leading the world to nightmares. He does not quit his job to find fault with Google, instead wants to divulge the truth about imitating and bogus systems of AI. 

He calls these chatbots “quite scary” when talking about their misuses and how it is slowly replacing the market. He is of the view that these robots can possibly become more intelligent than humans and could be played by “bad actors”. Furthermore, he tells BBC that the chatbots have an autonomous program built into them which means that they produce lots of text automatically. Hence there are many spambots available easily. 

He added about the consequences of these things if they will surpass humans. Mr Hinton concludes by saying that the intelligence that human beings have been developing in stylish machines is significantly different from the intelligence of civilization.

Warning Bells by Elon Musk 

Leading professional of AI, Hinton says that learning among these robotic devices is quite fast. For instance, if there are 10,000 people and whenever one person learns something, everybody will automatically know it. So they will be able to know so much quickly which is much more than any one person in general. 

Not only Geoffrey, but Elon Musk also raised such questions in the field of AI Research and warned about technology’s harmful possibilities in society. Last month, he argued that Google’s co-founder Larry Page is “not taking AI safety seriously enough”. As he met Fox News, he asserted that Page wanted “digital superintelligence, basically a digital god, if you will, as soon as possible”.

AI’s Threat to Job Security

As Hinton points out the robotic system becoming our reality in the coming times and people will not be able to comprehend what is true or not whether it is a photo, video or content on the Internet. 

Recently, upgrades in image generators like photo-realistic pictures can be created. For example, a photo of Pope Francis in a Balenciaga puffer coat became trending and viral across the world in March this year.

Job loss is one of the major concerns as AI can predictably replace the job market like personal assistants, paralegals and other workers and this is going to increase in the future. Jeff Dean who is the head of Google AI stated that the company appreciates what Hinton contributed over the past decade throughout his job role. He also wished Hinton good luck for the future. He promises to remain dedicated by being responsible for using AI. 

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