16 YouTube Channels blocked by Govt for spreading disinformation: Check Full List here


List of blocked youtube channels in India: The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has announced to block 16 YouTube news Channels for spreading disinformation regarding India’s national security, public order, and foreign relations. The 16 YouTube channels blocked by the Government of India include 10 channels from India and 6 from Pakistan.

The 16 blocked YouTube channels have a cumulative viewership of over 68 crores. It was observed by the Government that these channels were used to spread fake news over social media on matters that are related to India’s foreign relations, national security, public order, and communal harmony in India.

Earlier on April 23, 2022, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting had also advised the private TV news channels against making any form of false claims and using the scandalous headlines The Government remains committed to ensure a safe and secure information environment in India across television, print and online media.

16 YouTube news channels banned: What was the nature of content?

The 16 YouTube news channels that have been blocked by the Government of India had content published by some India-based YouTube Channels that referred to a community as a terrorist and incited hatred among the members of the various religious communities. 

Multiple India-based YouTube channels were also observed to publish unverified as well as videos that had the potential of creating panic among the various sections of society. 

On the other hand, YouTube news channels based in Pakistan were found to have been used in a coordinated manner to post fake news about India on issues such as the Indian Army, and India’s foreign relations in light of the situation in Ukraine, Jammu, and Kashmir, etc. The content on the blocked channels was observed to be completely false and sensitive from the perspective of sovereignty, national security, and India’s friendly relations with foreign countries. 

Earlier in April, the Government had also announced to block 22 YouTube Channels for safeguarding the National security and integrity of India. 

16 YouTube Channels blocked list

S. No Banned YouTube Channels
1. Saini Education Research
2. Hindi Mein Dekho
3. Technical Yogendra
4. Aaj te News
5. SBB News
6. Defence News 24×7
7. The Study Time
8. Latest Update
9. MRF TV Live
10 Tahaffuz-Deen-India
11. AjTak Pakistan
12. Discover Point
13. Reality Checks
14. Kaiser Khan
15. The Voice of Asia
16. Bol Media Bol


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