Self-Study Becomes the Major Takeaway of Learning in Covid-19 Pandemic for Indian Students


Self-Study Becomes the Major Takeaway of Learning in Covid-19 Pandemic for Indian Students

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The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in a shift from physical to virtual classes. In between, the Indian students are making a mark of self-study excellence in the world. Every school and college remaining closed for the major part of the year resulted in a rapid increase in internet consumption to continue online learning. The students hoping for the reopening of campuses are now back home due to the spike in Covid-19 cases. Last year in December, the students were hopeful of the situation getting better by the summer but it seems like the online education will drag on longer. Every sector was affected due to the pandemic and the educational sector was no exception. Regardless of the challenges faced by the Indian students, they continue the learning process and self-study becomes their major takeaway of learning in the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Along with the students, teachers also faced challenges and tried their best to gel well with the high-end educational technologies. Many faced difficulties when using Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, and other platforms for the continuation of the learning process and to maintain an adequate virtual interaction with the students. The teachers adjusted themselves in the situation to adapt to the virtual teaching process. The definition of self-study for students has also evolved with time. If a subject demands practical learning then a student will have to go to the school/college for understanding the practical aspect of it physically. But now, they are bound to choose educational videos available on a variety of teaching platforms to understand the practical subject. 


Many teachers deny the idea of hybrid classes and believe in an offline mode of the teaching process as the best option. The students who adapted the self-study mode of learning in the Covid-19 times are used to online examinations. It gives the freedom of giving the exam at the comfort of your home. Some students suggested online examination as a better option where some suggested the traditional pen-paper exam is still the best. Nobody knows when the government will allow the colleges and schools to function like pre-Covid times but the hybrid and online education seems to be temporary. Many students claimed that their focus on studies has increased too many times by the self-study learning process. But the future has the answer to what it holds for students in coming times


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