QCE Multiple Choice Practice Questions for Unit 3 & 4 Maths Methods External Assessment


Trying to study for your Maths Methods EA with multiple choice practice questions, but find that your options are limited?

We’ve got you! We’ve created 25 multiple choice practice questions (non-calculator and calculator allowed questions) and have included their answers for you to download.

Question 6

Differentiate y = tan⁡(2x)

Question 6 - Maths Methods Multiple Choice EA

Question 7

Question 7 - Maths Methods Multiple Choice EA

Question 8

There are 40 multiple choice questions on the Maths test, with 5 answer options for each question. If a student chooses their answers at random, what is the expected number of correct answers?

a) 5

b) 8

c) 10

d) 15

Question 9

The slope of the tangent to the graph of y = 2ln⁡(x + 2) at x = 4 is

Question 9 - Maths Methods Multiple Choice EA

Question 10

Calculate the region enclosed by the graph of y = –3x2 + 5x, the x-axis, x = 1 and x = 3

a) -6

b) -2

c) 2

d) 6

Question 11

What is the period of the following curve?

Question 11 - Maths Methods Multiple Choice EA

a) 0.5

b) 2

c) π


Question 12

Emily bought a spinner that was split into 8 uniquely coloured sections. After spinning the spinner 30 times, she found that it landed on blue 30% of the time. If X is the spinner landing on blue, what is the variance of X?

a) 0.20

b) 0.21

c) 0.22

d) 0.24

Question 13

Which of the following represents the graph of y= -3e-x?

a) Curve 4

b) Curve 3

c) Curve 2

d) Curve 1

Calculator Allowed

Question 14

Determine the value of the angle x in the following triangle to two decimal places.

a) 7.90

b) 7.95

c) 7.96

d) 7.97

Question 15

A binomial random variable, Z, has a mean of 6.3 and a variance of 2.25. Determine the probability of success, p

a) 0.22

b) 0.35

c) 0.56

d) 0.64

Question 16

The population of fruit flies after t days is given by P(t) = 200e0.005t. What is the rate of increase of the population at 10 days (to the nearest unit)? 

a) 16

b) 17

c) 18

d) 19

Question 17

The graph of y = 2(x – 2)3 – 3x is concave upwards when

a) x > 1.28

b) x < 1.29

c) x > 1.29

d) x < 1.27

Question 18

The 7:10am bus was late 3 days last week. What is the probability the bus will be late at least twice in the next week?

a) 0.98

b) 0.90

c) 0.95

d) 0.97

Question 19

If N = 640, n = 75 and p = 0.35, what is the standard deviation of the distribution?

a) 0.055

b) 0.5

c) 0.018

d) 0.075

Question 20

Calculate the area of the region enclosed by the graphs of 2e3x and ln ln (2x) + 5 to two decimal places. 

a) 0.21 units2

b) 0.10 units2

c) 0.11 units2

d) 0.12 units2

Question 21

If Z is a normally distributed random variable, determine x given that P(Z > x) = 0.65, Z ~ N (5.7, 2.22)

a) 2.2

b) 3.85

c) 4.15

d) 4.85

Question 22

On average, 25% of people spend at least 150 hours a year playing video games. Using the normal approximation, determine the approximate probability that, in a sample size of 300, more than 50% of people have spent at least 150 hours a year driving. 

a) 0.15

b) 0.20

c) 0.25

d) 0.35

Question 23

Question 23

a) 0.52

b) 0.53

c) 0.54

d) 0.55

Question 24

Question 24

a) 9.30

b) 9.31 

c) 9.33

d) 10.2

Question 25

Determine (2x) + (x + 2) = 6

Question 25

Solutions to Maths Methods EA Multiple Choice Practice Questions

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