UPSC IAS 2022: Regular & Timely Revision Made Her A UPSC Topper: IAS Ananya Singh’s Success Story


IAS Ananya Singh is one of those Civil Services officers who succeeded in achieving their childhood dream of becoming an IAS officer. Check her UPSC success story below. 

UPSC conducts the Civil Services Exam yearly. Becoming an IAS is a dream of many but hardly a few gather the courage to attempt the exam and clear it. The exam of UPSC CSE requires patience and strong determination. One of the few candidates who dreamt of being a Civil Servant and dared to fulfil the dream was IAS Ananya Singh of Prayagraj. 

This girl not only cracked the exam but did it in her first attempt. She is an example to those who dream of doing something but fail to put in the required efforts to achieve their goals.  She credits her success to her regular revision based strategy.  Read her success story below. 

IAS Ananya Singh: Life before UPSC CSE

Ananya Singh was born and brought up in Allahabad, now called Prayagraj. She was always a brilliant student as mentioned by her teachers and parents. Ananya wanted to become a DM since her childhood. She studied in St Mary’s Convent School of Allahabad where she scored 96% in class 10th and 98.25% in class 12th. She was the district topper of the CISCE board in these exams. 

After passing the 12th standard Ananya took admission in Sri Ram College of Commerce in New Delhi and completed her graduation in Economics Hons. 

IAS Ananya Singh’s UPSC Strategy:

Ananya was focused since childhood. As we mentioned earlier, it was her childhood dream to become an IAS officer. Ananya directed her studies to clear the UPSC exam in her first attempt. She fixed 7-8 hours every day for UPSC preparation. Since she was always clear, her base was stronger than other students of her age. Ananya began her UPSC CSE preparation in the final year of her graduation. 

Once her base was revised she started studying for 6 hours every day. Ananya focused only on the syllabus of UPSC, to begin with. She collected the books she needed for preparation at first and started completing them one by one. 

In an interview, she said, “the time before Prelims and Mains Exam is the toughest for any aspirant. In this time one should work the hardest and leave no stone unturned.”

Ananya also gained from making a timetable for herself. She followed it step by step, preparing for Prelims and Mains together in the beginning and then focusing only on Prelims before the exam. Ananya prepared notes which were crisp and up-to-date as per the latest happenings. She read newspapers regularly and focused on regular revision. She still guides the aspirants to revise regularly so that they do not forget the things they studied. 

“Revision is the key to Civil Services Exam as there is so much information for anyone to process,” she says. 

Ananya also suggests following newspapers even during exams and after it. Studying newspapers till UPSC CSE Interviews helped her the most.  

IAS Ananya Singh: Life after UPSC CSE

Ananya appeared for the UPSC Civil Services exam in 2019 and cleared it in the first attempt. She was just 22 when she passed the UPSC CSE. She secured AIR 51 in 2019 and is currently placed in the West Bengal cadre. She is known for her quick and witty decisions.  

Ananya Singh’s life and UPSC strategy is a motivation to all those candidates who wish to achieve success in the toughest exam in India. She did nothing new but followed what she planned with dedication. 

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