UPSC 2022: How Is The Strength Of IAS Officers Decided In India? Will UPSC Vacancies Increase?


In the article below know how the strength of IAS officers to be recruited in India is decided and if there is a shortage of IAS officers in India? Also know if the vacancies of UPSC will increase this year or not. 

The Parliamentary Committee has taken note of the shortage of IAS officers in the country. The committee found that there is a 22% reduction in the number of IAS officers than required in the country which is why the non-cadre officers are compelled to join cadre posts. The DoPT has been recommended by the committee to increase the intake of IAS officers through the UPSC Civil Services exam to fill in the vacancies. 

Find out below if there is actually a shortage of IAS officers in India, or if there would be a reduction or increase in vacancies. Also, know how the strength of IAS officers is decided in India?

Is there a Shortage of IAS Officers in the Country?

As per the data discussed in the Parliament by the Minister of State for PMO, Public Grievances and Pensions, Dr Jitendra Singh last year, there were almost 1515 fewer IAS officers in the country than the required strength. India by then had 3787 officers through direct recruitment, that is through UPSC Civil Services Exam and 1444 officers were promoted through state services. 

Also, as per the 112th report of the Department-Related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Grievances, Law and Justice headed by Sushil Kumar Modi, “There is a huge shortage. The gap between the sanctioned strength and the in-position strength of IAS officers is as large as 104 in UP cadre, 94 in Bihar cadre and 87 in AGMUT cadre.”

So, it is clear that there is a shortage of IAS officers. It is nothing new though. Even in 1951, the number of appointed officers compared to the required was low. There were 336 lesser officers than the required strength of 1232 then. The highest gap in the vacancies to appointments was observed in 2012 which was 28.87% as per the data available. 

After that, during 10 years there was a 19% shortage and since 2014 this number has been 22.5%.

How is the Strength of IAS officers decided?

There is a process for quinquennial cadre reviews for every cadre of All India Services. This falls under the respective Cadre Rules followed by the Government or the DoPT. The Cadre Review Committee is headed by the Cabinet Secretary with the Secretary of DoPT, the Secretary of Expenditure, Secretary of Administrative Ministry of the service or respective cadre as its members. 

The cadres are reviewed continuously and it is an ongoing process. Some of the states are also taken up every year for review. For example, in 2020-21, it was decided that UP, Bihar required more IAS officers than sanctioned before which is why the sanctioned vacancies were revised. This number keeps changing as per the requirement of the state. 

Also, there was a committee set up to look into the number of vacancies of IAS officers in a longer perspective. BS Baswan Committee was set up for this matter and it submitted its report in 2016. In the report, it said that “any number above 180 would 

  1. Compromise quality
  2. Exceed the LBSNAA’s capacity
  3. Lead to a distortion in career pyramid of IAS Officers”

This committee recommended the posts be filled through deputation whenever required. 

However, the committee led by Sushil Modi has said in its report that this deficit in bureaucracy is compelling the states to take recourse to means such as appointing non-cadre officers in place of cadre officer posts and continuing them in such posts beyond permissible limit, also, giving officers multiple charges. This method is causing the administration to compromise with its efficiency. 

Officers in India are selected through both direct and indirect recruitment. Direct recruitment takes place through UPSC Civil Services Exam while Indirect Recruitment takes place through promotions of state services officers. 

Jitendra Singh informed the Parliament that a committee has been constituted to determine a suitable formula regarding the intake of IAS Officers every year, from CSE 2022-2030. This number has been constant at 180 IAS officers since 2012. 

Will UPSC Vacancies increase in 2022?

It cannot be said, however, that this number would be increased or not this year. It is expected by the experts as the Government would wish to follow the suggestions of the Parliamentary Committee. 

UPSC 2022: How Many IAS Officers Are There In India? Reasons of Shortage of Civil Servants Discussed!

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