Mother’s Day 2023: 7 Ideas and Activities to Celebrate this Special Day in Your School


Mother’s Day 2023 Celebration in Schools: Are you missing out on creative ways to honour your wonderful mother? Check out these fun hassle-free Mother’s Day ideas and activities to celebrate your mother in your school.

Mother’s Day 2023 Celebration Ideas and Activities in Your School: Although every day is a Mother’s Day because it is our amazing moms who help us go through each day, Mother’s Day is a special day where we celebrate and honour their self-less love and unceasing care for us. Each year, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. This year, Mother’s Day will be celebrated on May 14, 2023. 

Celebrating Mother’s Day in a community, like that of a school, can be one of the best experiences wherein you celebrate the greatness of all the mothers around you. So, on this special day, let us showcase our love and gratitude for the most special women in our life – our mothers – through special ideas and activities of Mother’s Day Celebration. 

Mother’s Day 2023 Celebration Ideas and Activities in School

1 Hand-Made Bouquet Craft

What’s better to bring an enchanting smile to mothers’ faces than flowers and gratitude? In fact, hand-crafted gifts can be a great bonding and fun activity for students as well. Just collect all your craft materials like papers, scissors, glitters, colouring pens, ribbons and other decorative materials to create a hand-made bouquet of flowers. 

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To take it a notch higher, you can also add tiny notes of various things that you are thankful to your mother for, such as her special dinner recipe that she cooks for you or the way she braids your hair, etc.

2  Gratitude Card

Greeting Cards can never go wrong when it comes to gratitude. Engage students in this fun craft activity where they create hand-made Mother’s day gratitude cards. They can draw, write small notes, or even paste a picture of their mother on their card. 

3 Songs and Poem Recitation

Music and poetry are one of the best ways to let your mothers’ know how grateful you are for them. This Mother’s Day, students can come together in groups (or individually) to recite a self-written poem or sing a song that they have created for their moms. The poems or songs can be about their favourite memories with their mother, their bond with their mother and family, how she keeps the family together, etc.

4 Award Ceremony

Now, Special Mother’s Day Award Ceremony is where you can ask all mothers to join this celebration as well. Students can create tiny, special hand-crafted awards/ trophies/ badges with unique and customised categories for their mothers. Some of the suggestive award categories are:

  • Best Singing Award
  • Yummiest Maggi Award
  • Most Athletic Mom Award
  • Bargaining Queen Award

5 Special Mother’s Day Certificates

Students can also engage in creating customised hand-made certificates where they award their mothers for world-class care, love, best hugs, yummy meals, and much more. They can also take it a step ahead by pasting their mother’s photograph on the special certificate for their mother, to honour their self-less love.

6 Mother’s Day Special Mother-Child Customised T-Shirt

Art and crafts are always fun to do but this Mother’s Day, add more fun to your art and craft session by creating a pair of customised Tshirt for your mother and yourself. You can tweak this up a bit and ask your mother to customise the child’s T-shirt while the child customises the mother’s T-shirt.

For example, the child’s T-shirt could have a print of the mother’s hand and the mother’s T-shirt could have the handprint of his mother. 

7 Mother’s Day Lucky Draw

Our mothers are God’s special gifts to us, who love us, care for us, nourish us and nurture us. This Mother’s Day, gift a special surprise gift to your mothers by organising a lucky draw in your school. List down numerous customised-activity-coupons for mothers. The coupons could have items such as taking your mother to her favourite spot in the city, cooking her favourite breakfast, baking with her, dancing with her to her favourite song, etc. Students can either randomly draw their coupons or invite their mothers to choose their lucky draw.

These were some of the ideas and activities for the Mother’s Day 2023 Celebration in school.

“One of the most important relationships we’ll have is the relationship we have with our mothers.” – Iyanla Vanzant

Thus, this Mother’s Day, be expressive of your love and gratitude to your mother and make her day special. 

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