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Q2. Read the following paragraph & answer the questions that follow, in about 40 words each:

(Each question carries 2 marks- Total 10 marks)

‘Understanding India’s North-East – A Reporter’s Journal’ is an enormously empathetic book about a region & people that have been neglected severely. It tells stories or isolation, unrest, cultural diversity dangerous politics, ethnic strife, the violation of rights and, significantly, hope.

She vigorously advocates the need to understand the situation with a historical perspective. While writing about the disillusioned youth In the region who have either affiliated themselves with underground groups or have surrendered and joined local Politicians Of the mafia, she says, I understood where they are coming from and what had brought them to this pass. ‘An intensified struggle for power between the insurgent groups and factions has led to murderous attacks and purges on those they consider traitors or dissidents.’

After pages that describe violence, isolation and a situation that seems to have spun out of control, she claims the reader with some success stories. One of the most inspiring demonstrations of this approach is seen In Nagaland For instance, In Phek district of Nagaland, villages like Chizami are working out a model of development that is rooted in their traditional wisdom and is vitally relevant to the region too. The 2018 Assembly election is a remarkable demonstration of society taking a stand against electoral corruption and commitment to democratic values.

Yet another story Rupa Chinai narrates is that of Tyka village in Karbi Anglong district in Assam inhabited by a 350-strong tribal community called the lngtyi. The village produces a variety of turmeric that is rated among the best in the world. Tyka’s residents involved five neighboring

villages in order to pool in their land resources to make 1000 hectares. The result was the formation of something akin to a cooperative ‘I’ their turmeric directly to the Spices Board based in Kochi.

Answer the following questions:

I. What are the different aspects of life and Culture of people of North-Eastern India touched

upon by the author In the book ‘Understanding India’s North-East – A Reporter’s Journal’?

Il. From the book what do we know about administrative acumen of some of the communities of the Region?

Ill. What pattern can you discern, from the passage above, about a section of the misguided youth of the Region?

IV. What, according to you, should be Government’s main concern with regard to the Region, as made out from the passage above?

V. How would you describe the approach of author to the subject of the book?

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