IAS Officer Shah Faesal’s Success Journey: Transform Hurdles Into Opportunity To Become A UPSC Topper!


IAS Officer Shah Faesal is the first-ever IAS officer from Kashmir who is a youth icon for Kashmiris who are constantly suffering terrorism and tragedies.  Check his UPSC Success Story below. 

Cracking UPSC Civil Services requires patience, pertinence, perseverance and wit. Today’s UPSC Success Story would take you through the life of a man who witnessed his father’s killing by unidentified militants, the loss of his family’s head, terrorism at its peak, yet showed the courage and determination to change his destiny, by cracking the toughest exam of India, UPSC Civil Services.

Read below about the first topper from Kashmir, Shah Faesal, who not only got selected as an IAS officer but also resigned from it for various reasons. Check the story below. 

IAS Officer Shah Faesal’s UPSC Success Story:

Dr Shah Faesal was born in a far-flung village of Sogam in North Kashmir’s Kupwara district, where militancy raged in the 1990s since the area is close to the LoC. This was a major route for the youth ex-filtrating the Valley into PoK for arms training. 

His father was a teacher who was killed by militants in 2002. This was a major hit in the face that life gave him at such an early age. Faesal completed his MBBS in spite of all these tragedies and also completed his Masters’s in Urdu. Dr Faesal said: “I had only two choices — to be bogged down or to stand up and face the challenge.”

He was later motivated by his well-wishers to join Hamdard Study Circle where he coached for the Civil Services exam. He got selected in his attempt in 2010 due to his hard work and perseverance. 

When asked why he did not pursue medicine he said, “I felt that I could not have made a change by being at a hospital and wanted to work with the government.”

His loss persuaded him to serve his state where he wanted to change the environment with his vision for a peaceful state. 

Shah Faesal was the first-ever selection in the Civil Services exam from Kashmir. He broke the myth of discrimination through his selection. His selection is a motivation to many local youths of the state who are engrossed in terrorism and are gripped tightly by it. Shah Faesal proved to be a poster boy for the youth of Kashmir. 

Shah Faesal returned to the State of Harvard University after completing a course in public policy and has since announced that he is going to join politics. 

On 9th January, Shah Faesal stunned the nation with his announcement that he was quitting as managing director of the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation. His resignation shocked the entire state and the country as well. He described his stint in politics as “an addition and not an alternative” and made it clear that “he has no aim to divide the J&K electorate further,” a hint that he may join some regional party. 

He has now been reinstated in his services by the Government. 

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