CBSE Class 9 Social Science Map Syllabus 2022-23: Download List of Map Items in History and Geography


CBSE Map List for Class 9 for the academic session 2022-2023 is available here. Check the map items to prepare for the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Annual Exam 2022-23.

CBSE Class 9 SSt Map Syllabus 2022-23: CBSE Class 9 Social Science Question Paper in the Annual Exam 2022-23 would have a question on map work. Students would be required to locate the items given in the question on a political map of India. All the map items will be asked only from the list mentioned in the latest CBSE Class 9 Social Science Map Syllabus. We have provided below the CBSE Class 9 Social Science Map Work Syllabus for the current academic session 2022-23. Students must go through the syllabus and prepare the prescribed map items at the same time they study the chapters in the class. Read or download the CBSE Class 9 Map Work Syllabus 2022-2023 below.



Chapter-1: The French Revolution

Outline Political Map of France (For locating and labeling / Identification)  

  • Bordeaux
  • Nantes
  • Paris
  • Marseilles

Chapter-2: Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

Outline Political Map of World (For locating and labeling / Identification)  

  • Major countries of First World War (Central Powers and Allied Powers)

Central Powers – Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey (Ottoman Empire)

Allied Powers – France, England, Russia, U.S.A.

Chapter-3: Nazism and Rise of Hitler

Outline Political Map of World (For locating and labeling / Identification)  

  • Major countries of Second World War

Axis Powers – Germany, Italy, Japan

Allied Powers – UK, France, Former USSR, USA  

  • Territories under German expansion (Nazi Power)

Austria, Poland, Czechoslovakia (only Slovakia shown in the map), Denmark, Lithuania, France, Belgium

SUBJECT – GEOGRAPHY (Outline Political Map of India)

Chapter -1: India-Size and Location  

  • India-States with Capitals, Tropic of Cancer, Standard Meridian (Location and Labelling)

Chapter -2: Physical Features of India  

  • Mountain Ranges: The Karakoram, The Zasker, The Shivalik, The Aravali, The Vindhya, The Satpura, Western & Eastern Ghats
  • Mountain Peaks – K2, Kanchan Junga, Anai Mudi
  • Plateau – Deccan Plateau, Chotta Nagpur Plateau, Malwa Plateau
  • Coastal Plains – Konkan, Malabar, Coromandal· & Northern Circar (Location and Labelling)

Chapter -3: Drainage  

  • Rivers: (Identification only)

o The Himalayan River Systems-The Indus, The Ganges, and The Satluj

o The Peninsular Rivers-The Narmada, The Tapi, The Kaveri, The Krishna, The Godavari, The Mahanadi

  • Lakes: Wular, Pulicat, Sambhar, Chilika

Chapter – 4: Climate  

  • Areas receiving rainfall less than 20 cm and over 400 cm (Identification only)

Chapter – 5: Natural Vegetation and Wild Life  

  • Vegetation Type: Tropical Evergreen Forest, Tropical Deciduous Forest, Thorn Forest, Montane Forests and Mangrove- For identification only
  • National Parks: Corbett, Kaziranga, Ranthambor, Shivpuri, Kanha, Simlipal & Manas Bird Sanctuaries: Bharatpur and Ranganthitto
  • Wild Life Sanctuaries: Sariska, Mudumalai, Rajaji, Dachigam (Location and Labelling)

Chapter – 6: Population (location and labelling)  

The state having highest and lowest density of population

Given below is the link to download the syllabus in PDF:

Also Check: CBSE Class 9 Social Science Syllabus 2022-2023 (PDF)

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