CBSE Class 12 Term 2 Exams 2022: How To Score 90% in Board Exams?


CBSE Board exams would begin on April 26, 2022. The class 12 exam date sheet has already been released and there is less than a month left for the CBSE exams to begin. Check how to score 90% in the Board exam here. 

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CBSE Class 12: How to score 90%

CBSE Class 12: How to score 90%

CBSE Class 12th Board exams would be conducted from 26th April 2022. Students are now in full preparation mode with the syllabus in one hand and books in the other. CSBE Board has been divided into two terms this time which is why students with lower marks are under pressure to score more. Check the tips shared by our experts to help the students score more than 90% in the CBSE Board exams for Class 12th. 

5 Tips to Score More Than 90% in CBSE Boards:

The students at all times should only and only read what is mentioned in the CBSE Syllabus. Do not try to go beyond that at any time. Reading beyond the syllabus is a waste as the paper would only be set from what you have studied in the syllabus. 

The students must not leave NCERT reading at any cost. Many times one-word questions are asked from these NCERT books and students find trouble solving them. Students of class 12th generally remain under an impression that they need to read reference books but forget that CBSE has provided them with NCERT exemplar books as well which have many questions for practice. So skipping NCERT books means missing information for the exams. 

  • Solve Sample Papers with Timer:

Students not only need to solve sample papers but also need to time their answer writing so that they do not miss any questions in the exam. Students need to solve practice questions so that they get into a habit of writing the answers and try to face exam pressure themselves before the exam. Solving papers also get your brain into that mode. Try solving papers at the time when you need to appear for the Board exam on an actual day. 

The students must now not try to read anything new and must only revise what they have read earlier. They must only focus on revision as trying to read anything new would waste their time and leave lesser time for revision. At the same time, students must make sure that they complete 85% of their syllabus. 

  • Keep Your Term 1 Score in Mind:

Students must not forget in their term 1 exams. In case a student has scored fewer marks in a subject, he/she may have to put in extra effort for their term 2 exams. However, in case a student has scored good marks in term 1, he/ she would have to work hard enough to maintain that score as well.  Scores from Term 1 would be added to the Term 2 scores to make a final score. So it is important to study as per your term 1 score. 

Students in case they follow these tips would be able to score good marks in the CBSE Board exams. We wish students the best for their CBSE Term 2 exams in 2022. 


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